Will an ex-display kitchen fit my home?

Ex Display kitchens won’t always be the perfect size for your home – don’t be put off. This is a barrier that can be easily overcome.

Ex-display kitchens don’t necessarily need to be installed in the same configuration as displayed in the kitchen showroom. They can be reconfigured to better suit the size and shape of the kitchen space.

If an ex-display kitchen fails to completely fill the available space of a home, steps can be taken to expand the kitchen. Often, the units of ex-display kitchens are still current and so additional units can still be purchased to add to existing kitchens. Many showrooms offer these units at greatly discounted prices. Also, given that most appliance housing units are standard, in circumstances when a kitchen does not come with appliances, most models of appliances will fit the available space.

In addition to this, worktops can be cut/re-fabricated to adapt to new spaces by having them professionally templated once the kitchen is in situ. This ensures that ex-display kitchens have a more natural fit.

Therefore, ex-display kitchens are more flexible and more adaptable than one might initially believe. Check out our range of affordable ex-display kitchens on our website by following the link below:





The striking designs of these Italian kitchens are hard to resist.

Italy is at the forefront of interior design, combining smooth lines with a philosophy of minimalism to achieve the perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

Italian kitchens closely follow this sophisticated design philosophy. They have a characteristically sharp and sleek composition, with cutting angles that allow for striking visuals. Large clean work surfaces create a sense of openness and spaciousness, while the effective use of cupboard space removes clutter, giving an impression of simplicity.

Our most-recent range of Italian-made kitchens provide an irresistible opportunity to own one of these powerfully-designed kitchens at a hugely reduced price.

For more information, check out our collection below:



Kevin McLoud recognises The Used Kitchen Company as one of his Green Heroes for Grand Designs 2017

Each year Kevin McLoud selects 10 companies to be his green heroes, to celebrate the best conceptual and eco-friendly construction ideas of 2017. We are so excited to have been selected and joined Kevin at Grand Designs Live at Excel for a whirlwind week of  speakers, activities and a room full of exhibitors and over 100,000 visitors.

During a press conference Kevin described us as an eco-friendly kitchen recycler. “They’re one of my green heroes because the kitchen is one of the most expensive but also one of the most wasteful investments we make in our house,” he said. “It goes in, lasts ten years and then the new owner comes along and rips it out. And because they are getting ripped out a lot, they’re a quality which is now thanks to the internet becoming valuable on the second hand market and TUKC very cleverly don’t just buy and sell, but they tailor these into new lives, new incarnations.

It’s a brilliant thing to be able to recycle not just a fridge, or recycle a sink or a tap, but the entire kitchen which is of course never past its sell life. I defy anybody to show me a kitchen that’s past its sell by date because they always get trashed before they’re finished with. So it’s a great way of reusing and recycling.”

The beauty of a second hand bespoke painted/wood Kitchen


I have to say as much as I adore the high gloss look, you can never go wrong with a painted kitchen. Particularly when buying second hand  – the beauty being that a lick of paint once it is refitted in your home, makes it look like new. We recently sold a 12yr old Chalon kitchen which was reinstalled by the buyer into their home repainted and honestly ……….. take a look for yourselves.  check out all our current kitchens at http://www.theusedkitchencompany.com


1-photo-18photo 2

Bread, Cakes, Pasta and Flour

Check out this stunning oak larder. I just love the individual drawers and can think of plenty alternative wordings to put on them. Have a look at some more photos of this kitchen on our website:

1-larder 3-002            1-Larder CupboardEDIT3-larder 3-003